About Us

I am delighted to welcome you to our school. St Mary’s is a very friendly school with a dedicated and caring staff. We strive to develop each child to his/her full potential. We pride ourselves on treating every child as a special and valued member of our school family.

Our Church of England Primary School is situated in the village of Mucklestone, which is just outside Loggerheads. Pupils at our school live in the surrounding villages of Loggerheads, Woore, Norton in Hales and Hales. Some children come from nearby Market Drayton.

St Mary’s has 3 classes: Class 1 – Reception and Year 1; Class 2 – Years 2, 3 and 4; Class 3 – Years 5 and 6.

Here at St Mary’s we inspire our children to learn through an exciting curriculum so our children are excited about learning. We employ specialist French and Music teachers plus sports coaches to deliver our enhanced curriculum.

We care for our children in small classes so we can meet their needs.  We support those children who need that little extra help and support and have staff who are trained to deliver specialist intervention schemes.  We challenge the more able by giving them opportunities for independent learning, problem solving and opportunities to perform and lead. Our more able pupils attend gifted and talented classes at our local high school.

Our children achieve well and our pupils consistently achieve above the National averages in every subject. We thoroughly track each child’s progress so we know where they are now in their learning and can guide them to their next steps through individual targets.

We are committed to developing the whole child so they become confident, socially and environmentally aware so they become well rounded individuals.The school is able to offer each child a very special start to school life.

Our beautiful and extensive grounds provide a safe and peaceful oasis to grow physically, academically and emotionally. Our two classrooms are modern and well equipped. We also have a school hall; a library/intervention room and an Early Years outdoor learning space. Our grounds include a vegetable garden, pond and sports field.

If you haven’t been to see St Mary’s, and you have a child about to start school just ring the school any morning to make an appointment, it would give me great pleasure to show you around our delightful school – Every day is an open day!

The Aims of Our School

The following aims have been discussed and agreed by the staff and school governors.

Living, loving and learning in God’s care.

At St Mary’s Church of England Primary School we want our children to:

  • Be healthy and have an understanding of how to live healthy lifestyles and continue to make informed choices that will impact on their well-being.
  • Stay safe within the school environment and to learn skills that will keep them safe as they grow and enter the wider world.
  • Be stimulated and interested so they enjoy learning about the ever-changing world and develop the skills that they will need to achieve their personal goals. To value our diverse world and become responsible citizens who care for the environment.
  • Develop the skills in listening, speech, reading, writing, mathematics, science and technology to enable them to make full use of each stage of their education and of their position in an increasingly technological society.
  • Make a positive contribution to school and understand and appreciate Christian values and spirituality that are promoted and respected.
  • Appreciate the multi-cultural nature of our society.
  • Achieve economic well-being when they are older and gain an understanding of career choices.
  • Foster a happy and purposeful atmosphere where everyone feels able to play an active role and develop citizenship.
  • Develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally.
  • Learn to live and work together in a variety of ways; to have respect for themselves and the people around them by providing a caring environment which recognises the needs of everyone, including disabled and disadvantaged persons.
  • Have equal opportunities in all aspects of their school life.
  • Develop and awaken an aesthetic awareness and creative skills in technology, art, craft and music.

Equality Statement 2018-2020

At St Mary’s Church of England (A) Primary School we are developing an awareness of the protected characteristic groups.  We will embed positive change through challenging stereotypes and celebrating differences.  This work will involve all Governors, staff, pupils and parents.

The Governors’ Mission Statement

St. Mary’s CE (A) Primary School, with the active involvement of governors and local clergy, aims to enable all pupils to develop their full potential within a caring Christian School.

The school attaches high priority to fostering links between school, home, church and community and nurturing an aesthetic awareness and an appreciation of the world in which we live.