Academic Results

2017 Keystage 2 Assessment Results

St. Mary’s CE (A) Pupils outperform their peers nationally

We are very proud of the hard work of our 2017 Year 6 cohort.

Nationally 61% of pupils reached the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics in 2017. At St. Mary’s, 87.5% of pupils reached this standard.

This graph compares the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in each curriculum area:

keystage 2 results 2017 snipped graph

Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) are scored using a standardised scoring system where pupils ‘raw scores’ from tests are converted into a number between 80 and 120 (with 100 being the expected standard).

Here we can compare the 2017 average national standardised score with the average score achieved by the pupils at St. Mary’s.

Reading Grammar, punctuation & spelling Mathematics
2017 National average 104 106 104
St. Mary’s Average 109 106 106

*Information about children working in ‘Greater Depth’ to the expected standard has not (at time of writing) been made available.