Ethos – Every Child Matters


At St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School, we want our children to:


Make a positive contribution to school and understand and appreciate Christian values and spirituality that are promoted and respected.

Be healthy and have an understanding of how to live healthy lifestyles and continue to make informed choices that will impact on their well-being.
Stay safe within the school environment and to learn skills that will keep them safe as they grow and enter the wider world.

Be stimulated and interested so they enjoy learning about the ever-changing world and develop the skills that they will need to achieve their personal goals.  To value our diverse world and become responsible citizens who care for the environment.

Develop the skills in listening, speech, reading, writing, mathematics, science and technology to enable them to make full use of each stage of their education and of their position in an increasingly technological society.

Appreciate the multi-cultural nature of our society.
Achieve economic well-being when they are older and gain an understanding of career choices.
Foster a happy and purposeful atmosphere where everyone feels able to play an active role and develop citizenship.

Develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and argue rationally.

Learn to live and work together in a variety of ways; to have respect for themselves and the people around them by providing a caring environment which recognises the needs of everyone, including disabled and disadvantaged persons.
Have equal opportunities in all aspects of their school life.

Develop and awaken an aesthetic awareness and creative skills in technology, art, craft and music.