We, the School Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school runs both smoothly and continues to improve and hold the Headteacher accountable for any decisions that have been made.

We are accountable to the LEA and the Diocese and demand that St Mary’s is continuously working to at least a good standard.

The vision of the Governors is for the school to offer an outstanding education to all of its pupils. The School Governors have the skills set to achieve this vision.

School Governors commit to giving time and energy to the role. Each Governor contributes to the work of the Governing board and shares the load. Not only do governors attend regular meetings, read papers, speak to staff, parents (through Parent Voice) and children (through Pupil Voice), they see the school in action through observing lessons and lesson plans.

We also undertake professional training and keep up to date with relevant information to help guide the school strategically which enables us to focus on the key areas that will impact the school.

As school governing board, we work closely with the Head teacher and the staff subject leaders with a view to promoting high standards of education.

We fulfil our objectives by establishing the strategic framework by:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • Operate in such a way that statutory details are met and priorities are approved.
  • Provide challenges to the Headteacher to account for improving the quality of teaching, educational performance and pupils’ behaviour and safety.
  • Support and strengthen school leadership.
  • Contribute to the school’s self-evaluation and understanding its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Engage with key stakeholders.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure it’s money well spent.
  • Use pupil premium and other resources to overcome barriers to learning, including reading, writing and numeracy.

Our Governing board has a mix of new and experienced members representing different views. Each Governor is elected to run a four year term of office although it is only the Parent Governors who stands to be elected or re-elected

There are eleven Governors who sit across two committees – Curriculum and then Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee. Additionally we have a Strategy Committee comprising of the Committee chairs and Headteacher.

Pecuniary Interests

The purpose of declaring such interests is to enable the governing board to put controls in place to ensure there is no conflict between a governor or staff member’s private interest and the school’s interests.

From 1 September 2015, governing bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interests on the school’s website.

2022-2023 – There are no staff or governor pecuniary interests declared

Additional Governance 2022-2023

There are no additional governance governors on our governing board.

Our Governing Board

Mrs Denise Keen

Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor and Safeguarding (Curriculum Committee)

Appointed by the Church

01.12.21 – 01.12.25

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Mrs Emma Furnival

Vice Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor (Chair of Finance Committee)

Appointed by the Church

03.03.19 – 02.03.23

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Mrs Elizabeth Vallings

Foundation Governor  (Curriculum Committee)

02.02.22 – 02.02.26

Appointed by the Church

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Mr Ivan Grove

Foundation Governor (Chair of Curriculum Committee)

02.03.22 – 02.03.26

Appointed by the Church

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Mr Matthew Griffin

Foundation Governor (Finance Committee and Health and Safety link governor)

15.11.18 – 14.11.22

Appointed by the Church

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Mrs Ruth Hawkins

Parent Governor, SEND/PP and CLA (Curriculum Committee)

01.05.22 – 01.05.26

Nominated by parents and appointed by the school

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Mrs Sue Fox

Local Authority Governor (Finance Committee)

01.10.18 – 01.10.22

Appointed by the local authority

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Mrs Clare Hill

Headteacher Governor (All committees)

01.04.18 – ongoing

Mr Adam Shufflebotham

Parent Governor, Finance committee

15.11.22 – 15.11.26

Nominated by parents and appointed by the school

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Reverend Dr. David Isiorho

Ex Officio Governor

01.02.21 – ongoing

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Mr Paul Griffin

Staff Governor (Health and Safety Link Governor)

01.01.23 – 01.01.27

Nominated by staff and appointed by the school

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