St Mary’s CE (A) Primary School Values

Our aim at St. Mary’s is to be a truly inclusive school where children’s academic achievement and personal development are equally important. As a Church of England Primary School we have a strong Christian ethos which underpins this vision.

To help us achieve this vision the children were asked to think about our school motto ‘Living, Loving and Learning in God’s Care’ and to choose six values which are important to them. Each value is represented by a lamb wearing a coloured cape. The values are:-

Gratitude – knowing that we are more fortunate than many other people around the world and appreciating what we have.

Thoughtfulness – being able to think of others and making wise choices.

Forgiveness – knowing that everyone can make a mistake and that saying sorry is the first step to putting things right; as well as being tolerant and understanding of others.

Kindness – we are all part of one school family and know that looking out for one another is important.

Perseverance – when something is difficult we don’t give, we try again and work with others to find a solution.

Courage – life is full of challenges and it is important to be brave so that we can try new things.

Links are made between school values and British Values i.e. tolerance and respect.

In school, our reward system is based upon these values. Children who model these values are allowed to have the corresponding lamb on their desk and they are awarded a value sticker. Older pupils who demonstrate a value in their responses in school are awarded a coloured ribbon (that matches the lamb’s coloured cape). The children have now begun to

introduce new values to enrich the six listed above. We have started our new year with a focus on respect and reverence

St Mary’s CE (A) Primary School Worship Policies:

RE Policy

Collective Worship Policy

St Mary’s Church Mucklestone

A warm welcome awaits you at any of our services 11:15am every Sunday morning.

Family services are held every month, when members of Children’s Church Club help to plan and lead the service.

Some services have a seasonal theme such as Christingle and Mothering Sunday.

The links between St Mary’s Primary School and Church are an extremely important part of our school ethos and we warmly encourage parents and carers to join the services.

Please visit The Loggerheads Benefice website where you will find details of what we believe, our worship and events.


Family Services

Autumn and Winter 2022

25th September

9th October School Harvest and New Starters

27th November

11th December Christingle

Spring and Summer 2023

8th January

12th February

19th March Mothering Sunday

23rd April

14th May

11th June

9th July