Class Two

Class 2 Summer 2020 Topic – Earth Matters

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Topic – Spring 2019

The children made a weather report about countries with rainforests and produced some fantastic homework projects.

Literacy – Spring 2019

The children used shadow puppets to reenact the beginning of The Jungle Book.

Literacy – Autumn 2018

The children followed written instructions to make these fantastic woolly mammoths.

Also as part of literacy, the children were given the challenge to wash paint-covered dinosaurs.  They were encouraged to think about the imperative verbs they would use to give effective instructions.

Both of these activities supported our work on the book “How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth”.

World Book Day 2019

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre


We have created our own Rogue’s Gallery in preparation for making our Egyptian Death Masks later in the term.  We used pencil to create our self portraits and spent time looking in mirrors to carefully pick out our features and dimensions.


To support our Spring topic, Class 2 have created some fantastic Pyramids for their homework.  They have all been so creative and used many different materials for their masterpieces.


As part of our science topic “States of Matter” this term, we have created our own water cycles to grow cress.  The investigation has been a success with some fantastic results.

Cadbury’s World 2017