What is sports premium?

St Mary’s Church of England (A) Primary School

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Physical Education and Sports Premium Strategy 2020-2023

Our objective at St Mary’s Primary school is to ensure all pupils leave physically literate and with the knowledge, skills, understanding and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

Aims for our school:
The successful engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- kickstarting healthy active lifestyles (encouraging the additional 60 minutes per day in line with Government guidelines).
• All of our pupils receive weekly PE lessons taught by specialist sports coaches.
• Breakfast club children have access to outdoors.
• Our youngest children have a shelter and safe outdoor area that can be accessed during all months of the year.
• Our goal posts and extensive outdoor area encourage physical activity during break times and lunchtimes.
• We are currently reviewing the quiet area surface and there are plans to have a soft play type surface to replace the bark. This will allow children to access the adventure trail all year round.
• The children have access to PE and sport equipment shed, at all times, this is also self- chosen.
• Children have access to a weekly hour- long lunchtime PE session, where they participate in organised physical activities.
• The daily mile is encouraged and used at various times through the day.
• After school clubs offer a range of sports and physical experiences, circus skills, yoga, gymnastics, hockey, skateboarding, boxercise, football etc. The ethos of our after school clubs is to firstly increase the range of sporting experiences for children and secondly to offer a taster should pupils wish to continue their interest outside school.
The profile of PE and sport is being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.
• Pupils are now encouraged to attend a range of off- site sporting competitions, eg, cross country, netball, football, small school athletics etc.
• A new sports and PE kit will be introduced from September 2021 to raise the profile of sport and refresh the school approach to competitive sports. Two members of staff have been identified to complete driver assessor courses to enable them to drive the minibus to transport pupils to various events.
• Olympic athletes have been invited into school to combine fundraising with inspirational workshops and assemblies on sporting successes.
• School council have a sum of money to research and purchase playground equipment – requested by their peers eg quick cricket sets for lunchtime etc.
• Honeycomb assessment is used by staff as a tool to measure progress of sporting skills, confidence levels and increased participation.
• Reminders and focus on healthy schools, continues with promotion of drinking water and consumption of healthy snacks in school.
• Science and Food Technology curriculum continue to promote healthy mind and body education; and PSHE also covers health and well-being with the children.
• Newly appointed staff pursuing professional development to take PE as subject leadership and responsibility. Review of sports funding end has led to discussions on ways to increase staff confidence, knowledge and skills in the teaching of PE and sport and extending opportunities for training and networking/collaboration with other schools eg Hugo Meynell and Ranton.
To ensure that all children can swim 25 metres by the end of Year 6.
• Swimming classes continue at Market Drayton swimming pool for our children.
• We monitor swimming progress in lower key stage 2 and target non-swimmers for boosters within their lessons.
• Records of swimming progress are kept and each year the annual percentage of competent swimmers is targeted to increase.

Primary School Sports Funding 2019-2020

The PE and sport premium is ring fenced funding and designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sports activities offered to children, through self-sustaining improvement.  It is important to emphasise that the focus of spending must lead to long lasting impact against the national vision that will live on well beyond the Primary PE and sport premium funding and benefit pupils both now and in the future.

How much school sports funding does St Mary’s Primary School receive?


St Mary’s received £16,560 for this financial year and funding will continue until 2020.


St Mary’s received £16,510 for this financial year.

Objective – To enhance pupils’ exercise through appropriate use of the sports premium and encourage healthy lifestyles.

We employ specialist sports coaches for PE and we are able to offer an outstanding quality across a breadth of sports and games, and also increase the range of sporting opportunities after school clubs offer.  We participate in local competitions and tournaments.  We understand the importance of how sport develops self-confidence and resilience in pupils, as they acquire and perfect new skills outside the classroom.

The funding will be used as outlined below:-

  • To support the cost of specialist sports coaches (Bee Active) to run a lunch time club, continue the high quality of PE teaching, support teams that will represent the school and offer a range of afterschool club sports – £6,270
  • NUL school sports federation membership fee – £250
  • Purchase new PE equipment – £508
  • Swimming lessons for pupils in Classes 2 and 3 – £1, 488
  • To fund enrichment days to be enjoyed by all pupils at St Mary’s school – £500
  • Tournaments and transportation costs including assessor training for mini bus staff drivers – £550
  • Provide existing staff with training (CPD) – £900
  • Dance workshops and Razzamatazz – £1,555

What impact does the sport premium funding have?  2018 – 2019 Review

 The impact on pupils of the additional PE and Sports funding is measured at the end of each academic year.

Below is a summary of the notable impact on pupils and staff in our school to raise both the attainment levels in PE and for children to make accelerated progress in sports.

  • The quality of PE provision has improved and there has been an increase in number of pupils attending extra-curricular sports clubs
  • Greater numbers of pupils have attended local sports competitions and gaining increasing successful placings and personal bests
  • Supporting professional development opportunities for staff to develop their own teaching of PE skills
  • Class 3 Swimming – 70% of the pupils could swim confidently and competently over a distance of at least 25 meters with 90% of those competently displaying different strokes and 80% able to demonstrate survival skills
  • Afterschool clubs enjoyed – Football, hockey, multi-skills, skateboarding and scooters, yoga, boxercise
  • Children experienced and enjoyed a series of dance workshops delivered by a professional dance teacher. Focus was on types of dance, choreography and performance skills. Children then performed as part of a Staffordshire and Shropshire Schools Razzamatazz event in Stoke-on-Trent.